January 9, 2023

Choose Ketamine Reviews

How Choose Ketamine is Helping Clients Change Their Lives for the Better

At Choose Ketamine our goal is to help people live a better quality of life where they aren’t weighed down by depression, anxiety and other mental health disorders. Ketamine therapy is a transformative treatment that has the power to provide relief even when other medications and therapies haven’t worked. 

There are thousands of studies that prove the efficacy of psychedelic therapy, but hearing how it has positively changed a person’s life goes beyond the science. It’s about more than statistics and comparative analysis. It’s about someone getting control of their thoughts so that they can live in control of their life. 

You can read through the clinical research about how ketamine therapy works and read reviews from Choose Ketamine clients about their experience to get a better idea of what type of life-changing outcomes are possible. Here are some of the profound ways that at home ketamine therapy has helped change the lives of Choose Ketamine clients. 

Addressing the Causes Brings on More Calm

One of the notable differences between ketamine therapy and many other medications is that it helps clients identify and address the cause of their mental distress “instead of masking the symptoms,” as client E.M. put it. 

When the root cause of the mental health disorder is addressed true healing can happen. That’s when transformative changes are possible. Changes that can mean you may not need medication of any kind in the future. 

If a medication simply relieves symptoms of a disorder you’re dependent on it because the problem still exists. Without the medication the symptoms will return. Ketamine therapy works in a few different ways to actually change the way the brain functions on a biological and cognitive level to treat mental health disorders. The ketamine treatment physically changes the brain by altering neurochemicals, strengthening synaptic connections and enhancing neuroplasticity

Adding integration after ketamine treatments also means that the client cognitively examines the thoughts and feelings that were experienced during treatment. Doing so helps to treat the mental health disorder by establishing new neural connections that change behavior and thinking patterns for the better. 

Quick Quality of Life Improvement 

Ketamine stands out from other depression treatments because of how quickly it takes effect. For people who are severely depressed or having suicidal thoughts, the quick improvements can be life-saving. 

Z.K. is a Choose Ketamine client who experienced just how quickly quality of life can improve after ketamine therapy at home. “After just one session with Choose Ketamine, my outlook changed and I feel less rushed during the day and more able to focus on what I’m doing in the moment,” says Z.K. And that was after decades of dealing with stress that left him feeling overwhelmed. With the help of a single ketamine treatment Z.K. has turned feelings of debilitating stress into a more positive outlook that has improved productivity. 

Regaining a sense of control over your life can’t come quickly enough, and with at home ketamine therapy clients don’t have to wait.

Compassionate, Convenient and Confidential Treatment Means More Comfort

With at home ketamine therapy it’s not just about the biological benefits. It’s a treatment that allows the client to be in their own home where they are most comfortable. The convenience of not having to travel for treatment and knowing that it’s completely confidential helps to relax the client as well. These are factors that can ease stress before the treatments begin rather than adding to a client’s anxiety. 

“When I went through the orientation with the practitioner, I was impressed at how much she saw me as a person and helped me understand some of the feelings I had been struggling with for most of my life. As someone that always struggled with anxiety since a child, I had not had a positive encounter with a mental health professional in my life until I met with her, and I found that incredibly refreshing,” notes client L.E. 

We believe that therapy for mental health disorders has to first make the client feel comfortable so that they can fully integrate themselves and get the full benefit of the treatment. By giving clients the ability to do ketamine treatments at home the life-changing therapy is available to more people, including those who could go to a treatment facility but don’t because they don’t feel comfortable doing so. We never want concerns over confidentiality or embarrassment to prevent people from getting the treatment they need to find relief. Many clients are happily surprised to find that those concerns aren’t a problem when you can do ketamine therapy at home. 

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