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I felt love and hope. I was able to go over some painful experiences and begin to forgive and let go of heavy hurting feelings. One beautiful thing that happened in the first session when I was laying down, the conch part of my ears filled up with the tears that were coming out of my eyes. I felt like I could feel my heart healing and I felt sense of hope for the following couple weeks.

There is a lot to heal in my heart but the experiences have given me motivation to not give up.
E.D. Massachusetts - 2023
After developing PTSD as a healthcare worker, I felt broken. Unable to access joy. Stressed, anxious, unable to focus or learn.

After my first session, I felt like I crawled out of the wreckage! I’m the person I used to be - and maybe better.
L. D. Colorado - 2022
In the days after my first dose the world felt brighter and safer. As I progressed through treatment I noticed that all of the worries and anxieties that had plagued me were still there, but they were more like abstract thoughts I could set aside, and less like vicious biting fleas.

I have noticed that the challenges of daily life don't bog me down like they used to. I am so glad I found Choose Ketamine, and so glad I took responsibility for my mental health.
K.C. Washington - 2023
After just one session with Choose Ketamine, my outlook changed and I feel less rushed during the day and more able to focus on what I’m doing in the moment. This actually increased my productivity and overall mood inside and outside of the workplace.

I recommend anyone that is interested to try at least one session and see how life can improve for you. The value is worth much more than the cost.
Z.K. - 2022
Ketamine treatment at home helped me reframe my mental state immediately. The effects did not last forever, but I know that life will have ups and downs and that I have more tools to use. I highly recommend this treatment, I felt very safe and at ease throughout the process. This company is incredible, every single staff member was kind, patient, and very knowledgeable.

Thank you again.
E.M. - 2022
This program helped me overcome something I was insecure about and struggling with for some time, and I was not sure if I was going to overcome it otherwise.

I would recommend this to anyone else that is looking to make a significant change in their life.
L.E. - 2022
I feel overall like I'm having an easier time dealing with "the hard stuff" (relationships issues, pressure/stress work, PTSD flashbacks) I feel like I'm rewired to not feel "I want to slam myself off the wall" and get so emotional when things go awry. I'm having less days waking up with anxiety and way less racing/intrusive thoughts.

I'm shaking and sweating less, it's been truly amazing to see all these symptoms of depression/anxiety subside.
S. S. Massachusetts - 2023
Ketamine treatments have given me a truly new outlook on life. They’ve helped me gain tremendous gratitude and helped me shift many of the negative perceptions I’ve had about myself my entire life into positive ones.

The overall experience has helped me change the feeling of victimhood I have had my entire life into one of empowerment and strength. My depression is almost nonexistent and I am seeing dramatic improvements in my anxiety and OCD symptoms.
M. P. Colorado - 2023
They have changed my life in the way I deal with my anxiety. I still have a bit of a ways to go, but it seems much more manageable now. My depression from anxiety is gone. I don't even think before I get into a car now, where before it took me an hour to work up to it.

Even my anxiety around my children has lessened (not sure possible to get rid of completely). I feel like a different person on so many levels.
K.H. Ohio - 2023

Here's What Our Clients Say About Our Guides...

My guide is fantastic (Pam) and my clinician as well. I have had 4 experiences and have dispelled any fear or doubt I had initially. We connect on a spiritual and emotional level that goes beyond the program.

N.S. Ohio - 2023

Lee was very helpful and made sure I understood everything. I felt safe in case I had any issues, which I did not. He was a great listener and I appreciated the music suggested and how I got to set intentions before starting.

Choose Ketamine Client 2022

I enjoyed how genuinely concerned Lee seemed in wanting the best experience for me. He was an open, helpful and genuine person. Very patient and accommodating to any questions that I asked.

Choose Ketamine Client 2022
Choose Your Horizon Client 2022

Very friendly and open communication.

W.A. Ohio - 2023

The guide helped create a safe environment.

Choose Your Horizon 2022

It was easy for me to follow the instructions.

S.M Colorado - 2023

Danielle is very invested in the client’s experience.

The pricing makes it a feasible alternative to injections.

Choose Your Horizon Client 2022

Everything went well. I would not change a thing. Great service!

Choose Your Horizon Client 2022

So far, I have stopped waking up throwing up from anxiety. Which was almost every day.

Choose Ketamine Client 2022

Overwhelmingly help with depression and anxiety. Provided clarity on the whys.

Choose Ketamine Client 2022

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Ketamine therapy has been shown to have a near immediate effect, with those effects lasting days or weeks after a single treatment.


Ketamine is proven to be a safe medication when it’s used as prescribed. Monitoring by a medical team helps to ensure each ketamine treatment is safe.


Choose Ketamine's at home treatment plans are 70-80% more affordable than in clinic I.V. treatments. We provide the most affordable treatments online with payment plans available.


You'll receive ongoing support throughout your mental health healing journey. Clinicians take their time to understand your situation and our guides (virtual sitters) will be with you during your experiences.

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