July 13, 2023

We Are Changing Our Name To Choose Your Horizon

Hello, We Are Choose Your Horizon

We started Choose Ketamine after our founding members experienced profoundly positive effects due to ketamine therapy. Now, after supporting over 1000 clients, through 5,000+ sessions, on their healing journeys we have realized that the name “Choose Ketamine” only touches on a small part of that work, and really is only the beginning of what we intend to do.  

We know that ketamine therapy is a powerful instrument that kick-starts the healing process, but we also know that the preparation leading up to the ketamine treatment, and that the integration following any ketamine session are just as important as the experience itself. We do not want to limit our company, our clients, and the future of the support and treatments that we offer to just ketamine. Because of this we are changing our name from Choose Ketamine to Choose Your Horizon, to reflect our mission and values as a company. 

“Our mission as a company has always been clear: To support our clients and empower their self healing journey. Changing our name to Choose Your Horizon gets to the heart of what we are doing every day, we are working hard to help improve the quality of life of our clients, the way people treat themselves and others, and are empowering people to find happiness by expanding their horizons.” - Rob Lee COO Choose Your Horizon

In the coming months Choose Your Horizon is looking to grow through offering our services in more states, with expansion to the entire US by the end of 2024. In addition to this, Choose Your Horizon is also launching preparation and integration weekly group sessions to support and provide a strong community for our clients during their healing process. 

Our clients will recognize the friendly faces they have been working with, and will experience the same affordable and responsible care that they have come to expect from the Choose family. The only thing that will change, other than our name, will be a shift in focus to a more holistic whole body and mind approach to at-home ketamine therapy. 

Thank you for joining and supporting us on this journey. We are grateful to be where we are, and to grow and expand our horizons together. Where will this journey lead? We look forward to finding out and know that it will all start with a choice. 

In gratitude, 

The Choose Your Horizon team