The Ketamine Experience: Taking Time For You After the Experience

USA Today Best Selling Author Kiki Howell shares her experience with at-home psychedelic ketamine-assisted therapy.

Celebrate What You’ve Done

Basically, as you bask in the peaceful, happy, glow that psychedelic therapy leaves you in, why not take the time to celebrate you? I mean, you did this, you invested in yourself. It’s a good time to remind yourself that you’re worth the investment! You’re a magickal, unique, creation worthy of your own praise. You’re feeling amazing in that moment. So, celebrate that beautiful human!

Make sure that you take some time to journal about your experience immediately after. At least some notes so you can recall what you experienced. Add in any prompts, think of the five senses, that will help you recall details later. Or, better yet, if you have the time, write it all out while still in bed so nothing can be forgotten. I often just took notes in my experiences, and then I struggled when I came back to them to recall everything. So, as much as you have time to get down on the page will be beneficial. 

Get Out And Enjoy

After that, the world is your oyster, go enjoy! Even if you only can carve out half an hour to an hour of time, plan something you can safely do that you love. 

I scheduled my at home ketamine experiences in the early afternoons because I write best in the mornings, and I preferred to get my work for the day out of the way first. I asked my youngest son, aged twenty-four, to be my at home contact person, and after the experience, since I could not yet drive, he would take me to one of my favorite local trails to hike. Thankfully he doesn’t embarrass easily, because one time I found myself so happy that I was spinning around with my arms outstretched like I did as a kid right in the middle of the lake trail. 

After that, we would go into town and eat at my favorite Mediterranean restaurant. For me, there is nothing like falafels and hummus! Eating first would have been better after fasting, but my treatments were in the afternoon in the winter in Ohio, so we were dealing with trails closing at dusk. Some days we stopped by a few of my favorite stores after we ate. Be cautious with shopping happy though, as I was overly generous buying us both new crystals. 

My son’s treatments were scheduled in the evenings. He had a light dinner ready to go after, then watched his favorite show before getting online and gaming with friends. You have to do you! Only you know what that is. No worries on what anyone thinks. This is YOUR DAY!

Keep It Light

I don’t think it matters what you do, as long as you find it enjoyable. Watch your favorite movie. Curl up with your favorite cup of tea and read a book. Whatever you do that brings you comfort, makes you happy, is worth investing in to extend the euphoria of the ketamine experience. I am simply suggesting that if you can, avoid catching up on laundry, and I use this example because I have yet to meet someone who likes to sort dirty clothes. 

Another great thing you could do after is try a creative pursuit. I found myself overly creative and free still of the judgmental voice in my head that holds me back. I like to draw, but am not an artist. After treatments, once I had gotten back from my adventures with my son, before bed worked out to be a great time to put pencil to paper. 

Maybe use the time after to dream up in full detail something you would like to manifest into your life while the nagging, “you can’t do that” voice is still silenced. 

Would you like to own a retreat center, in the mountains, where people can teach yoga and treat people with several different healing modalities? Just me? Okay, well I not only dreamed mine further, but I made a drawing of the property, inside and out, even as I brainstormed different ideas from the rooms people would sleep in to a sanctuary room,  and the menus I would cook to what I would grow in the gardens outside. Put that silencing of the reptilian brain to work for you!

Whatever you do, simply remember to be grateful for the ketamine experience and proud of yourself for investing in your own mental health. You are a perfectly imperfect unique human worthy of love, so shower yourself with it!

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Kirstein Howell is a USA Today Bestselling Author who writes fiction under the pen name of Kiki Howell. A life-long learner, she’s currently a CYT 200 Yoga Teacher with a collection of other certifications that include Reiki, Feng Shui, and Essential Oils. At this moment, she’s studying to be a shaman.

Experiences with ketamine are individual and vary by user.