January 9, 2023

How Does At-Home Ketamine Treatment Work?

How Does At-Home Ketamine Treatment Work?

Not long ago the first question many patients with treatment resistant depression had was, where can I find ketamine depression treatment near me? They were aware of the proven benefits of ketamine therapy, but the only way to get it was through an IV at a doctor’s office. 

Although ketamine has proven to be highly effective at treating a range of mood disorders from depression to OCD, the IV treatment method has been a major hindrance for many patients in terms of convenience and cost. Doctors have recognized the need for new types of ketamine treatment, and as a result patients now have more options, including at-home ketamine therapy.

Online Ketamine Therapy: Making Ketamine Treatments Easier For All

Oral ketamine for depression and other mood disorders has changed the way patients are able to receive treatment and has made ketamine treatment possible for more people. You no longer have to live near a clinic and go through hours of infusion and observation. Oral ketamine is painlessly taken in minutes from the comfort of your own home while still having direct access to your medical team. 

There are just four steps that have to be completed to begin using ketamine at-home:

1) Take an Online Assessment 

The first step is to take an online evaluation that will help determine if oral ketamine for depression or another behavioral health disorder is appropriate. Like all medications, ketamine isn’t the best option for everyone. Often ketamine is prescribed when at least two other medications have failed to treat the mood disorder.  

2) Complete an at Home Ketamine Treatment Evaluation With a Medical Professional

Next, you’ll need to discuss ketamine treatment options with a licensed medical professional who can perform a further evaluation. This evaluation is conducted remotely over a zoom call. The evaluation serves three purposes:

  • Determine if you’re a good candidate for online ketamine therapy.
  • Provide more information about ketamine medication.
  • The Practitioner may E-prescribe oral ketamine medication that will be shipped to your home. 

3) Schedule the Guided Ketamine Session

Once you have been approved for at home ketamine treatments you’ll need to schedule your guided ketamine session for a week later, once the medication arrives. The session will be virtual with your guide consulting over a zoom call. 

4) Take the Introspective Journey With a Trained Guide

The final step in the process is taking the oral ketamine treatment while being remotely supervised by a trained guide. They’ll not only ensure that the oral ketamine medication is taken safely, but also help you prepare for the experience and interpret the insights that can be integrated to improve your quality of life..

Cost of Ketamine Treatment at-Home

The cost of ketamine treatment was a limiting factor in the past when intravenous ketamine was the only option. Now it’s possible to take oral ketamine at home, which is one of the most cost effective treatment options. Instead of paying up to $1,000 a session for IV ketamine treatments, patients only pay $150-$200 per session for online ketamine therapy that’s administered orally at home. 

Taking Ketamine at Home: Getting Started

If you believe that oral ketamine could be a good solution for you, you’ll need to take a quick online assessment to get started. The Choose Ketamine initial evaluation can be completed online in minutes. You’ll provide a few pieces of basic information about yourself and your medical needs. You’ll also receive information about the at home therapy program.

With Choose Ketamine your treatments are always safe, convenient and cost effective. 

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