Recovering from Sexual Trauma

Our guided psychedelic therapy program by sexual trauma specialist Danielle McFarlin-Barto focuses on nurturing and growing your inner strength as you navigate the path of healing with a better understanding of trauma and why it doesn’t define where you can go.

Meet your support team

No one can get through sexual trauma all on their own. Having the support of people who truly understand what you are struggling with and have the expertise to guide you through it is invaluable. All practitioners involved with our sexual trauma program are thoroughly vetted and equipped to address the unique needs of survivors as they work towards recovery.

Danielle McFarlin-Barto

Healed and hopeful, Danielle has become a guiding light for others. As a rape crisis advocate, her empathy, born from personal experience, shone through. Before #MeToo, her TEDx talk, "Exalted: From Victim to Warrior" wasn't just her story; it was a beacon for those lost in darkness. Her message: you are not broken, rise with courage and reclaim your power.

Sarai Darbandi, LCSW

Sarai's passion for humanity has led her to be in the field of mental & behavioral health for over 10 years. She specializes in: anxiety, childhood trauma, sexual trauma, religious/cult/control dynamics trauma, perfectionism, codependency, emotional eating, addictive patterns, relationship issues & reclaiming & integrating the true self within. As well as, psychedelic & plant medicine preparation & integration.

Domonique Louis, PMNHP

Domonique Louis PMHNP-BC is a double published board certified psychiatric nurse practitioner with over a decade in ketamine therapy.

Robyn Heister, MD

Dr. Robyn Heister, is a board-certified physician skilled in Emergency Medicine, Clinical Research and Medical Education.

Who the program is for

This program is for anyone who has suffered sexual trauma and wants to break free of the after effects that are still impacting life.

How it works

You’ll progress through 8 courses that help you examine and process your experiences in a productive way using in-depth information, journal prompts and integration tips.

Why Ketamine

Ketamine therapy has proven to be effective even when standard forms of therapy haven’t worked. It’s an extremely safe way to treat depression, anxiety and PTSD (Trauma).

What to expect on your journey

This comprehensive package offers a supportive hand in navigating the journey towards healing from sexual trauma. It guides you through various stages, empowering you to reclaim your well-being and rebuild a fulfilling life.


Is this program right for you?


This program is for anyone who has suffered sexual trauma and wants to break free of the after effects that are still impacting life.


Preparing for the Journey


Setting clear intentions and a healing vision are essential for getting the most out of ketamine therapy for sexual trauma recovery.  Think of them as your compass and destination.  This course offers grounding exercises and tools to create your own personal toolkit to manage any difficult emotions that arise during your healing journey. Take some time to explore these tools and find what works best for you.


Confronting The Shadows Of Shame


This section explores shame, a common but difficult emotion. Shame can make you feel like you're unworthy of love and connection. To better understand shame and develop resilience, you can review preparation tips, watch these videos and explore journal prompts to focus your intention.


Releasing The Burdens Of Misplaced Guilt & Self-Blame


Guilt can be a positive force, guiding our moral compass and motivating us to be better people. However, it's important to distinguish between healthy guilt and misplaced guilt, especially for survivors of sexual abuse.


Defeating The Dragons Of Escapism, Avoidance & Addiction


Sexual trauma can leave you using coping mechanisms that may feel helpful in the moment, but can actually hinder long-term healing. Escapism, avoidance, and addiction can create dependence and stop you from processing the trauma. If you're struggling, you're not alone.


Rebuilding Bridges From Isolation And Withdrawal


Sexual trauma can trigger withdrawal, a natural response to protect yourself.  While temporary withdrawal is healthy, it can become isolating and hinder healing.  Learn more about withdrawal types, watch the video and explore journal prompts to refocus your intention and move forward.


Building A Safe Haven: Trust & Safety


Trust is essential for healthy relationships but sexual trauma can make it difficult to trust again.  Feeling safe and secure is key to rebuilding trust.  Explore our resources to prepare for healing and rediscover trust.


Facing The Fire Of Anger


Feeling angry after sexual trauma is completely normal. It stems from the violation, loss of control, and societal messages.  To help process this anger, explore preparation tips, a helpful video, and journaling prompts to focus on healing and reclaiming your power.


Unmasking PTSD and Triggers


Everyday encounters can trigger PTSD flashbacks, like landmines for the mind. These triggers aren't a sign of weakness, but a way to cope with past trauma. To navigate this journey, understanding and acknowledging your triggers is key.  Learn more about defusing these triggers and reclaiming your path by reviewing our preparation tips, video, and journal prompts.


Sexuality Revisited


Sexual trauma can mess with your arousal and lead to negative thoughts.  The good news? Understanding your "arousal template" - the things that turn you on -  can be a powerful tool for healing.  Explore tips, watch a video, and use journal prompts to identify your triggers and build a healthier sexual experience.


Embracing Forgiveness and Acceptance


Forgiveness and acceptance are often misunderstood, but they are powerful tools for healing. Forgiveness frees you from negativity, while acceptance allows you to acknowledge your experience without judgment.  This path to healing is unique, but by exploring these concepts, you can begin to move forward.

Real Care for Sexual Trauma That’s Affordable

70% less than in-person clinics

Save with your HSA/FSA

Full refund if you are not a candidate

Get to the root of your mental health challenges and see lasting results.


8 Ketamine Treatments

2 Clinician Consults

2 Guided Sessions + unlimited messaging

2 Integration Sessions

Unlimited Group Preparation and Integrations Sessions

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Get to the root of your mental health challenges and see lasting results.


8 Ketamine Treatments

2 Clinician Consults

Unlimited messaging

4 Integration Sessions

Unlimited Group Preparation and Integrations Sessions

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Proven to be more effective than traditional treatments

When talk therapy and medications haven’t alleviated the crippling symptoms of sexual trauma, ketamine assisted therapy could provide results.


Reduction in PTSD Symptoms


Reduction in Depression Symptoms


Reduction in Anxiety Symptoms

Choose Your Horizon has delivered over 8,000 Ketamine Therapy sessions across 20 states to treat depression, anxiety, and PTSD.


patients have taken part in Ketamine Assisted Therapy.


sessions of Ketamine Assisted Therapy have been


of patients have experienced adverse side effects.


of patients have reported experiencing improved symptoms.

The Ketamine Therapy Experience

While intravenous and intramuscular administration methods can be abrupt, Choose Your Horizon provides tablets that are dissolved under the tongue and gently take effect over 10-15 minutes.


0-20 min

Begin to feel medicine and the effects deepen gradually


20-45 min

Full effects of the experience, physically and psychologically


45-60 min

Regain alertness, physical effects subside, calm and awake

I was nervous about signing up for this package, however after my first treatment with Danielle as my guide I was immediately at ease. Knowing that I was speaking to a fellow survivor made me feel that I was exactly where I needed to be. The journal prompts and meditations provided have helped immensely in organizing my thoughts and have prepared me for each session. I highly recommend this application in your life!

Stephanie M.

Real Choose Your Horizon Client


Is Choose Your Horizon covered by insurance?

Choose Your Horizon does not accept insurance. Some insurance companies may provide some reimbursements for "out-of-network" treatments - we recommend speaking with your insurance provider first about out-of-network coverage. Choose Your Horizon can provide you with a Superbill which you can provide to your insurance provider. A Superbill is an itemized receipt of the services provided to the patient. It is your proof of service" To check with your insurance provider about possible out-of-network reimbursement up to $450, the billing codes that we use on the super bill are:
99204 - 45 min initial evaluation ($250)
99214 - 25 min medical mgmt. f/up visit ($200)

Choose Your Horizon is one of the most affordable at-home ketamine provider with multiple payment plan options. We do what we can to meet our clients in their current financial circumstances.

What Is ketamine and is it safe?

Ketamine is a legal medication, originally used for anesthesia. It was developed in the 1960s and was commonly used in the Vietnam war because it could be used in the field safely and effectively.  Ketamine does not suppress the respiratory drive or paralyze muscles the way other anesthetics do, and its dissociative properties provide for rapid pain relief.  

Ketamine has been used in mental health for more than 20 years, and as a result we know the medicine itself is extremely safe for most individuals. It’s also used as an off-label medication for pain and a variety of mental health conditions.  

Is Ketamine Therapy At Home Safe?

We take many steps to ensure the safety, comfort, and success of your ketamine therapy program. Your Clinician will ensure you are the right fit, prescribed an appropriate dose, and be available for ongoing support alongside your guide. The ketamine experience is generally calm, positive, and peaceful as reported by clients, and ketamine has been used safely in clinical and therapeutic contexts for several decades.In studies fewer than 5% reported any side effects, while less than 1% reported worsening symptoms. According to the World Health Organization: Ketamine, “Ketamine is extremely safe because, unlike other anesthetic agents, it does not depress breathing or blood pressure.”

What if I need immediate help?

If you’re in a crisis, reach out immediately to any of the organizations below. Many of them have texting or online chat services as well if you can’t make a phone call. Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network (RAIN) National Sexual Assault Hotline, 1-800-656-HOPE (4673)

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