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Appointments for psychiatric evaluations are available within 48 hours, and experiences are available within 7–10 days.

Treatment plans vary between 2 to 6 ketamine experience sessions. The plans are hand-designed by leaders in the fields of psychedelic medicine and psychiatry. 4 - 6 experiences are recommended. Users have seen an 85% success rate with 6 experiences over a 12-14 week period.

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Medical Team

Stephanie Lyn Coleman MD, MPH
Dr. Coleman (Choose Ketamine medical advisor) is a board-certified physician who completed her medical training at Upstate Medical University in New York, residency training at Boston Medical Center, and fellowship training at Beth Israel Deaconess Harvard Hospital.  After training, Dr. Coleman moved to Los Angeles where she became interested in holistic and non-traditional methods of health and healing.  Through this exploration she became a reiki master, a certified health coach, studied integrative medicine techniques, and was trained in Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy with Dr. Phil Wolfson.  

Focusing on mental health and personal development are key to overall wellness and are heavily intertwined with physical health. Through her continued training, learning, and researching she has become an advocate for psychedelic medicine in conjunction with the appropriate support system.  Dr. Coleman works together with psychotherapists to provide a safe, healing, and transformative experience using ketamine as a catalyst.