Client / Patient Dashboard & Checklist

The purpose of the dashboard is for the client to be able to review documents, schedule their therapy / experience, communicate with the team and work on integration.
Your Program Includes:
2 Ketamine Treatments
1 Choose Ketamine Welcome Pack
2 Psychiatric Clinician Consult
2 Guided Sessions
Unlimited Messaging (email & sms)

Next steps

Step 1: Review and sign telemedicine paperwork

Step 2: Schedule your clinician video consult - if you didn't complete this as part of step 1 you can still schedule here.

Step 3: Schedule your first experience - schedule this AFTER you've had your clinician video consult.

Step 4:
Schedule your second experience - recommended to occur 7-14 days after your first experience.

Step 5: Schedule your client experience interview - recommended 24-72 hours after your second experience.

Step 1: Complete new client onboarding
This 10-minute questionnaire helps us learn more about you and your health history.

Your answers help your Clinician prepare for your initial video consultation and tailor your Min
dbloom experience for you. Once complete, you can schedule your video consultation
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Step 1: Review and sign telemedicine paperwork
We work hard to be as thorough and transparent as possible throughout your entire journey with us. This includes making sure you fully understand the process up front.

Please carefully review our Informed Consent and Remote Treatment Agreement before your first session.

These provide important information about your medication, including ketamine’s history, off-label use, therapeutic benefits, and potential side-effects. They also outline what we require from you to promote safety and optimal outcomes including the requirement to have a peer present in your home on the day of your treatment.

During your video consultation, your clinician will review these documents with you and answer any questions you have, and then we'll ask you to sign them before your first session.

You’re well on your way to your first guided ketamine therapy session. We look forward to seeing you soon!

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Step 2: Schedule your first video consultation
If you have already scheduled this appointment in step 1 above then simply mark it as complete below.

If not, it’s time to schedule your video consult with your Choose Ketamine Clinician.

Our clients have seen incredible success with ketamine therapy. Part of what makes our program so powerful is our high-touch and personalized approach. We're excited to get to know you and build a personal connection throughout your journey.

After your consultation, you’ll be in an excellent place to begin your first ketamine session!

Your 40-minute consultation includes:
A psychiatric evaluation. Make sure to have your government ID to hand for the call.
• Expert guidance on how to prepare for your program.
• Confirmation that ketamine treatment is a good fit for you.

Note: We'll reserve this time on the Clinician’s calendar for you. If you must reschedule, please do so at least 72 hours in advance to avoid a $150 fee… and a sad Clinician :(

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Step 5: Schedule your second clinical appointment
Your clinician can't wait to meet with you after your first session!

This must be scheduled after your first treatment session. We recommend scheduling this within a few days of your session so the experience is fresh and to avoid a delay in receiving your remaining medication.

During this 20-minute video consult, your clinician will help you:
Process your first session.
Assess your response to the treatment.
Prescribe medication for the rest of your program.
And of course, answer all of your questions!

Tips for your consult:
Find a private space where you’re comfortable discussing personal information.
Make sure you have a strong internet connection.
Test out your audio/video in advance (both are required for your consult).
Have a photo ID handy so your clinician can confirm it's you.

Note: We'll reserve this time on the Clinician's calendar for you. If you must reschedule, please do so at least 72 hours in advance to avoid a $150 fee.

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